The club organises a singles league which runs throughout the year on a 6 to 8 week cycle. The leagues are open to both men and ladies. The format is (normally) divisions of 5 players with promotion/relegagtion on a 2 up and 2 down principle.

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Tennis Tournaments

The club runs two championships each year, the veterans tournament in winter and the open tournament in the summer.  There are also 3 one-day informal tournaments, organised by the coaching team.

Vets tournament 2019-20 draw and results

 Finals day - Saturday March 28th 2020

Mens singles

Ladies singles

Mens doubles

Ladies doubles

Mixed doubles


Event Organisers

Men’ Singles – Caroline Barker 

Men’s Doubles – Karen Beatty Pownall

Mixed Doubles – Ali Ignatius

Ladies Singles – Clive Warries

Ladies Doubles – Ollie Knutton

 Tournament Rules

1. If both players in a singles match are BTM members the scores can be submitted to the LTA and may count towards calculating the player’s rating. Scores will only be submitted if both players agree to this before the match.
2. All court bookings shall be made according to the Club rules as displayed on the Club website. Players are asked to complete matches within the published round dates. Should a player be unable to play the next round, the player should concede the match at match point. Players are asked to make every effort to make sure they will be available for finals day on Saturday March 28th.
3. The scoring format of the matches shall be the best of 2 Tie Break Sets and a long third set. Players will provide their own balls. Balls will be provided for finals day.
4. Players should contact the event organisers with the match result and scores as soon as possible after the match has been completed. Players are asked to keep the organisers fully updated as to their progress in the tournament. Results can also be entered on the draw on the website
5. Players are asked to contact the event organiser with any queries or concerns regarding scheduling or results. If a match cannot be played within the draw date the organisers shall grant an extension if the circumstances causing the delay are reasonable, and if it does not inconvenience the opposition in the next round unduly. Extensions can only be sanctioned by the event organiser. If the match is still not played the event organiser will decide the result on a coin toss.
6. Any questions or disputes that arise shall be referred to the event organisers. If necessary the tournament referee will be asked for a decision on the matter and the referee’s decision will be final.
7. NEW FOR 2019 – With the addition of the new artificial clay courts, it will be up to the players to agree which court surface they will play their match on. In the event of a disagreement on which court surface to play on, players or the Tournament Referee should flip a coin to decide.

Summer Open Tournament 2019 - Results