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Team Tennis

Our teams play in both summer and winter Surrey League competitions

There are also two mixed teams in the summer.

To play in a team you don't need to be one of the club's very best players as we have 3 ladies teams, 4 mens teams plus a number of mid-week / veterans teams. Members who would like to be considered to play in the teams should contact one of the captains.

Ladies Teams

There are five ladies teams in summer and three in winter. Two of these teams play in midweek

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Winter Teams Captain Division
1st Team Ali Barker Womens Doubles 1 - Div 06 West
2nd Team Ruth Fenton Womens Doubles 2 - Div 11 West
3rd Team Pat Newman Womens Doubles 1 - Div 14 West
Midweek Team 1 Mikaela Parker Ladies Midweek Daytime Doubles - Div 02
Midweek Team 2 Pat Newman Ladies Midweek Daytime Doubles - Div 04

Mens Teams

There are four mens teams in summer and winter

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Winter Teams Captain Division
First Niall Hegarty Mens Doubles 2 - Div 10 West
Second Clive Warries Mens Doubles 1 - Div 18 West
Third Guy Muir Mens Doubles 2 - Div 19 West
Fourth Angus Comber Mens Doubles 2 - Div 27 West

Mens team practices take place on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10:30 and on Tuesday evenings (summer only) 6:30pm onwards

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact the Men’s Team Captain

Mixed Teams

There are two summer mixed teams

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Summer Teams Captains Division
1st Team John Walker 06 West
2nd Team Caroline Barker 08 West