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Tennis Ladder

Sheen operate a tennis ladder via the Sportch app. The ladder is open to all tennis members, male and female, peak and off peak.

To join, install the Sportch app on your smartphone and setup a profile, it is completely free. Once installed, go into the app, go into profile, edit, link club button and select Sheen Lawn Tennis.

You self-select your level so that you should be near players of similar level and you can just message them to challenge. In addition once a month you can make a wildcard request to ANYONE anywhere in the ladder.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions.

Court booking rules must be observed when booking matches.

These can be viewed here


Ladder Notes

What if I cannot play for whatever reason?

When you join Sportch your status is by default set to available. If you get injured or just don't feel like playing, you can go to the profile tab and change your status to Unavailable or even hide yourself (inactive user)

Playing Options

1 Standard Method - Games Won

Players decide between themselves how long the match is to last and the game score at the end of that time determines the winner/loser or tie. If the players can not come to a mutual agreement on time then the default time is 1 hour

2 Fast4 Method

By mutual agreement before starting play - players may play short sets with a 5 point tie break at 4-4 and a 3rd set Championship tie break to ten points if one set all. If the result is 1 set all and the third set is unfinished then the result to be entered is 2 point each (unless players agree to continue to a finish at a later date)

3 Players Choice

There is nothing to prevent players deciding between themselves on another format altogether as it won't affect other results in the group as long as the scoring system is followed. The key is that both agree the format before play starts.

Recording the Result:

Record your results via the Sportch app. By convention the winner records the results, but not required.

Prior to using Sportch users entered results via a League Tables page.

Historical league tables and results can be viewed in the Members Lounge under 'Tennis Members'.