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Youth Tennis Regulations


These regulations, together with the Club’s Rules and Byelaws, prescribe the conditions under which Youths may play Tennis at the Club.


The courts are open for play from 8:00 a.m.
Youth members must leave the Club by dusk or 9. p.m. whichever is the earlier.

All the courts will be closed to all members except competitors during the Sheen Youth Tournament and Surrey Youth Championship weeks.

On weekends, no youths may play before 1pm (winter) and 2pm (summer)..

During the Summer Term, all 8 courts are reserved for Youth members on Friday afternoons between 5 – 7 p.m. for Competition Evening.


Youth members are normally allowed to use only courts 7 & 8.  When empty, courts 4,5,& 6 may be used BUT MUST BE VACATED IMMEDIATELY when needed by Senior members.

When both courts 7 & 8 are in use for coaching, court 6 becomes the youth court. YOUTHS MAY NOT USE  courts 1,2 & 3.


The Tennis Committee may, when conditions require it, close or open all or any of the courts.  In this circumstance no member shall use the court or courts which have been closed.


Singles are not allowed when others are waiting to play.  Only one short set (maximum 6-5) or 20 minutes on court, whichever is the shorter, is permitted before vacating the court.  All Youth members are expected to mix together and not to leave others without a game, turns being taken to sit out if necessary.

Parents (who are playing members) or other Senior members may play with Youths on courts 7 & 8, and on 4,5 & 6 provided these are not required for Senior members.


Anyone playing at the Club must wear proper tennis clothing.

Proper Tennis Clothing

•    A tennis shirt or blouse with tennis shorts or skirt (and a tennis slip-over or sweater if desired), or a tennis dress.

•    Tennis shoes (without heels and without studs or ribbing on the soles); socks, if worn must be tennis socks; track suit top and/or bottom may be worn instead throughout play, if designed for tennis.

Improper Tennis Clothing

•    Garments wholly or mainly covered in stripes, floral patterns or other such designs, or which are predominantly black in colour; rugby shirts.

•    Garments which bear more than 2 square inches of advertising or promotional material (except logos etc. identifying a supplier of tennis clothing – e.g. Prince, Reebock – or a tennis club or venue).

•    Shoes which have black uppers and/or black soles.

•    Garments made of denim.

•    Beach or jogging shorts; leg warmers or leggings.

•    Trainers are not permitted.


Youths who wish to play matches at the Club are subject to the limitations displayed  at the Club from time to time.  Matches must be entered on the Court Booking System and signed by a member of the Committee.


Members must provide their own tennis balls except for Club drives, tournaments and matches, when they are provided by the Club.

Members should not try to retrieve balls from neighbours’ gardens.


Youths may introduce a playing visitor on weekdays only, but the same visitor may not play more than four times in any twelve month period.  The member shall be responsible for the charge of £3 per half-hour playing slot, paid in advance through the booking system, and each guest must be named on the system prior to play.

(See separate sheet for full details of Visitors regulations)


Youths may apply to the Managing Committee for enhanced playing rights.  This will be permitted provided that a sufficiently high standard of play has been demonstrated and fees will be those of the next higher full rights age-group category for the year.  Youths so elevated will be entitled to play as adults subject to the Senior regulations.


All Youths are expected to behave responsibly and to keep noise to a minimum.


Riding a bicycle anywhere in the Club beyond the cycle parking area inside the main gate (i.e. the area bound by the stop netting of courts 1 & 2, and by the gate across the footpath at the corner of the changing room building) is strictly prohibited.


These are not allowed on the courts.