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Tracey Cotterill
Tick.png '2020-09-20 15:26'
Paul John Bradbury
Tick.png '2020-09-20 15:31'
Tom Davison
Tick.png '2020-09-20 15:57'
Clive Preston
Tick.png '2020-09-20 16:04'
Tracey Richardson
Tick.png '2020-09-20 16:21'
Christine Williamson
Tick.png '2020-09-20 17:47'
Joanna Mills
Tick.png '2020-09-20 17:49'
AttendeeAttendance StatusRegistration Time
Tracey Cotterill, Paul John Bradbury, Tom Davison, Clive Preston, Tracey Richardson, Christine Williamson, Joanna Mills

Event capacity: 12

Number of attendees: 7

Remaining space: 5

Number waiting: 0

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Club Coach Led Thursday Tennis Session

Run by the Coaching Team on a Thursday late afternoon/evening from 5- 7pm.

Unfortunately the stage of the year that we are in means that we can’t make this later and, as light fades further, these times will need to be adjusted.

This will also use the invite system but not everyone will receive an invite for every week – for example one week it may be to ladies only, another to the whole club, another to men only etc.

 The invites are only open for club members and no guests are currently allowed.

The playing schedule will be determined by the coaches.