Membership Subscription Form

During your transaction:

  • Please don't use the buttons on your browser (e.g. 'back', 'forward', 'refresh' etc.), you should only use the buttons on the bottom of each page and you should click these only once.

 ♦ You can include one or two adults and any number of children under 19 in this application
 ♦ Each can apply for tennis, squash, both sports or social
 ♦ BUT all must live at the same address

The first member registered should be the main (or only) member to be registered and must have a valid email address


Please have your credit/debit card ready

Address at which ALL the members on this application reside

Once you have entered the family address press CONTINUE and you can enter specific details about each person who is applying at this time and select the sport(s) they wish to play