Tennis Subscriptions

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Annual fees from 1st April 2019 Price £
Full Senior Member  Senior is over 28 295
Full Member 19 to 28 130
Off Peak Senior Member Weekdays 9am-6pm & weekend 2pm-6pm.
(eligible for any Club tournament and teams for qualifying gender/age group).
Where an OPM chooses to play a tournament game or team match fixture outside these designated OPM hours a Supplementary Subscription of £5 will be payable for each such match
Student  over 18 60
Youth  11 to 18 60
Youth 10 and under 30
Guest fee Up to 3 times per year for same guest 5
Guest fee youth Up to 3 times per year for same guest 3
Social Includes Hall Hire Option 30
Overseas & Country Refer to Sheen Office POA


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