Tennis Summer Open Entry Details

Tennis Summer Open Entry Details

Open Tournament 2019

Finals Day - Saturday June 29th 2019

Tournament Referee - Oliver Friend, Head Coach – Sheen Tennis Academy


Entry is open to all tennis members (including Off Peak and Country) who have paid their 2019-20 subscriptions.
Players are encouraged to obtain a BTM number.
Please contact the office or visit: for details. (It’s free.)
Off Peak members
Off Peak Members will be required to pay a supplementary £5.00 charge each time a match is played during peak hours.
Entry Deadline
Entry deadline is 12.00pm on Monday 22nd April. In doubles events both parties must be eligible and enter by this date. No entries received after this deadline can be accepted. The draws will be published later that week.
Entry fee
£5 per entrant per event’ which includes a BBQ ticket.

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