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James Estill
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:10'
Michael Wizner
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:12'
Barnaby Richardson
Cross.png '2020-10-14 09:15'
Tracey Richardson
Cross.png '2020-10-14 09:18'
Richard Hopley
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:26'
Feri Ghandi
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:31'
Ella Swinson Reid
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:48'
Nigel Johnson
Tick.png '2020-10-14 09:52'
Rachel Sherwin
Tick.png '2020-10-14 10:03'
Joanna Mills
Tick.png '2020-10-14 12:56'
Catherine Wadia
Cross.png '2020-10-14 13:21'
Mamta Rathore
Tick.png '2020-10-14 14:04'
James Homewood
Tick.png '2020-10-14 16:34'
Nick Fox
Tick.png '2020-10-15 21:04'
AttendeeAttendance StatusRegistration Time
James Estill, Michael Wizner, Barnaby Richardson, Tracey Richardson, Richard Hopley, Feri Ghandi, Ella Swinson Reid, Nigel Johnson, Rachel Sherwin, Joanna Mills, Catherine Wadia, Mamta Rathore, James Homewood, Nick Fox

Event capacity: 16

Number of attendees: 11

Remaining space: 5

Number waiting: 0

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Sunday Tennis Mix-in

This is open to all full and off-peak senior members. At the present time this is also open to Squash members.

Attendance is via an invite system, issued by email to all eligible players, where you need to register for the event. However numbers will be limited, based upon the number of courts in use and, once the maximum number is reached, a waiting list is held in case anyone drops out.

The court that each attendee will be on for the first round will be decided in advance and each subsequent round will be determined by the result of the preceeding one.  Unfortunately at the current time the club is unable to provide balls each week.

The playing schedule will be published every Sunday on the Sunday Mix-in page