Joint Full Tennis and Full Squash Membership

For those wishing to become members of both the Tennis and Squash sections we offer a dual sport discount of 15% on the combined tennis and squash subscriptions
This applies to Full Senior, Off-peak Senior and Full 19 - 28 category members only

Tennis Parent Membership

'Tennis Parent' membership is designed to allow parents to practice with their children outside of their child’s coaching sessions. This will help their children to progress more quickly by practising what they have been taught.

It is also an opportunity for parents who may have played in the past to dust off their rackets, enjoy quality time with their children, get some good exercise and renew their interest in the game. Also, for parents who have never played tennis, it is a chance to have a try and see if it is for them. Rackets can be provided, if necessary, by prior arrangement with the tennis coaches.

Play is only allowed with the parent’s own child(ren). Until April courts 2 and 3 are reserved for this purpose on Sunday afternoons from 2pm and courts 6 and 7 between 1 and 4pm weekdays. Outside of these times play is restricted to off-peak hours - weekdays 9am-6pm & weekend 2pm-6pm, but only if courts are free, as in these periods other club members have priority. A similar set up will apply in the summer but with extended weekday hours to make use of longer daylight.

Membership costs £50 per year and includes membership of the club and all the social activities that are provided. The joining fee for senior membership does NOT apply to this membership category. Also, those  who later wish to play more generally can upgrade to off peak or full membership on payment of the relevant membership fee only.

Social Membership

Social only membership is available for £30 per year. Social members do not qualify for the family discount.

Member Bonus (Tennis)

If you introduce a new tennis member to the club you are entitled to receive a tin of tennis balls from the office


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